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Gigachess screenshot - Trapmine detonation during an Endless run

Gigachess is a hero defense puzzler on a chess board. Command your party of Knights, Rooks & Bishops against the relentless Pawn onslaught!

Gigachess screenshot - The special Halloween skin!

Gigachess screenshot - Endless Mode party building

Gigachess screenshot - Knight's Dungeon stage 21 nearly solved

Gigachess screenshot - Puzzle Attack victory

Gigachess screenshot - Knight's Dungeon level selector

Gigachess screenshot - Endless mode's wave-triggered Pawnwarp in action

Gigachess screenshot - Endless Mode defeat

Try Endless mode's Novice difficulty and the first block of Puzzle Attack stages!
- download the demo for Windows (44.2 MB zip) or grab it on Steam -

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